Meetup #28 – Comic book heroine

After a couple of years of ignoring my Facebook group “Sydney Photographer’s Meetup” (there’s a whole backstory to why I ignored it, which I might cover later in this post), I finally decided it was time to organise a themed shoot.
Don’t ask me where these ideas come from. No idea. Somewhere in my head is this odd minion who occasionally pipes up and says “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to do a shoot like xxxxx?”
So, the theme I came up with was “comic book heroine”.
I had a vision in my head of what I wanted.
A femme fatale, wet-look lycra leggings, a crop top or a jewel-encrusted bra, cape flying in the wind, brandishing a katana, standing on a rock outcrop with either dark moody clouds or a striking sunset behind her. Y’know… nothing TOO specific! :) Read more


Dark sky photography

Well, this poor old blog has been sadly neglected of late, and that has mostly been because I just haven’t been shooting much.
However, a week ago, myself and a small group of Shutters Inc listeners headed inland to Coonabarabran, a small town in the middle of New South Wales, to shoot the Milky Way. Just a couple of nights prior to the new moon, we were confident (clouds permitting) that we would be blessed with seriously dark skies, free of any light pollution which is the last thing you want when shooting the stars.
Coonabarabran is a renowned “dark sky” area, and is home to not only Siding Spring Observatory (a facility run by the Australian National University), but also a bunch of privately-owned observatories.
One such privately-run installation is Skywatch Observatory. Read more


Kidney Kar Rally 2014

Well, this is long overdue!
Back in August, I had the honour of being the official photographer for the 26th Annual Kidney Kar Rally, a fundraising event on behalf of Kidney Health Australia.
The organisation, as the name would suggest, aims to promote good kidney health, although primarily to school-aged children.
The rally itself was 9 days, something like 4000+km, and covered 3 Australian states.
We started in Gundagai, and ended in Cootamundra (two towns which are located a mere 56km from each other) but got there via Merimbula and Mount Gambier!
Throughout this crazy endeavour, I was ably assisted by Adam Davidson, a long term Shutters Inc (the photography podcast I created in 2005, and still co-host. You can find it here.) listener.
Why do I call it crazy? Read more


Magnetic Island

Last week, Cath, Max and I took a short family holiday to Magnetic Island, just off the coast from Townsville (North Queensland, for my non-Aussie readers).
We have a family “holiday goal” which is to alternate between domestic holiday one year, international holiday the next.
Last year, after spending two weeks in Borneo, we all agreed that we wanted to go back to see the bits we missed out on (there was political strife at the time, which prevented us from getting to the East coast of Saba). Read more


New wheels

Between November 2012 and last week, I have been commuting from Gosford to Sydney and back every day on a gorgeous Suzuki Boulevard M90 motorcycle.

Love that bike…. love the sound, the look, the style, the attitude, the grunt. Unfortunately though, there were two problems with it. My lower back was not loving the seating position, and being a “naked” cruiser, there is no protection from the elements when it’s raining, cold, or both. So, the decision was made. Read more


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